Jus crus pressés à froid


Lifestyle 360 is first and foremost a philosophy focused on the well-being and the desire to take care of oneself. Vitality is intimately linked to ones way of life. Sleeping, eating well and being active are self-evident activities for a better life.

In a world where time is fast-paced, we often have little time to set up a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Incorporating 360 cold-pressed juices and workout programs daily is an excellent starting point for those who want to fill up on energy and live better. It's simple and efficient.

Enjoy 360 Juices and fill up with nutrients

Unlike the pasteurized juices found mostly in commercial stores, the 360 Juices distinguish themselves by their manufacturing, from carefully selected and cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. Thereafter, they are subjected to a unique conservation process (High Pressure Processing). Without heat supply and above all, without any chemical process or addition of preservatives, the high cold pressure applies on the bottles a pressure of 6 bars, which removes the bacteria but preserves all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes. The result? An unmatched taste and a freshness as well as all the nutritional benefits of a freshly squeezed juice. It is this exceptional added value that makes 360 Juices a high-quality product with exceptional nutritional and vitamin properties.

The 360 Juices, a delightfully simple and effective way to celebrate health.

Cheers !


1.5 pound/0.7 kg of fruits and vegetables per bottle !

A 355 ml bottle of Juice 360 offers :

  • 1.5 pound/0.7 kg of varied fruits and vegetables, carefully selected for you and cold-pressed;

  • 2 servings of fruits and vegetables on the 8 recommended daily servings

  • 100% of the daily intake of vitamin C

  • Freshness, and unparalleled vitamin flavors

  • A wide variety of nutrients beneficial to the body

  • A healthy dose of energy to help you get through the day

  • The perfect complement to meals eaten on the go 

  • Better immune defense

  • The health boost of your pre-workout trainings



Fresh juice or fresh fruits and vegetables ? That is the question…

Why choose to drink fresh juices instead of consuming our daily portions of fruits and vegetables ? This is the question that people ask us... and here are a few reasons :

  • Generally speaking, we don’t eat them ! The recommended amount of 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day is seldom reached, even by those who like fruits and vegetables. But why ? Because in today's life context, it is simply difficult to achieve...

  • The nutrients contained in freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables juices are "bio available" (immediately available), so they allow the cells of our body to be fed faster.

  • Many combinations of fruits and vegetables produce very tasty juices, thus facilitating the absorption of certain vegetables that are less popular when eaten alone (bitterness, acidity, etc.). These juices promote a wider variety of vegetables in our diet.

  • Unlike when chewing food, the absorption of juice allows a larger amount of vegetables in our body due to the fact that all the nutrients contained in the vegetables are immediately available. Since we do not know exactly what type and how many molecules are absorbed in our organism, encouraging a large variety in your diet is beneficial.



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