Getting back in shape at 40 years old ? Hell yeah !

As the saying goes, better late than never. The secret? Be motivated and ... stay motivated. Yes, it can be learned, although it is not necessarily given to all. Starting a training routine, no matter the age, will not only bring you healthy lifestyle, but will also make you rejuvenate in beauty. ☺ Promise of auntie Nathy !

I am 40 years old and I’m more energetic than ever. Feeling and looking  so great that people often think I’m younger than my age. I have a sporting past similar to the majority of ordinary people. No career goals for the Olympics (apart from maybe some intense shopping...!) To tell the truth, I have accumulated so far almost every unimaginable group class that a sports center can offer. From Zumba to kickboxing, through yoga and classes with evocative names such as Iron butt and Body Shape.

Like most of you, I enjoyed it, or at least I attended... for 2 or 3 weeks, at most. Remain motivated was unfortunately impossible. But why ? Well, because I did not have a clear goal or a precise schedule. I went there when I had time, between a dinner and a grocery list and because I did not have the motivation to remember how good it feels to be at the gym. Other times, we rely on someone to kick our butt to find motivation to go. It does not always work… So I decided that this person, source of motivation, was going to be me, simply! And it's really beautiful.

I have put together a personalized schedule according to my job and my daily life. I put myself in the shoes of the one I want as a motivator and I play my role perfectly! So much so that I became a real motivational coach. I will come back later in another article on the subject. The saying goes wonderfully well : when you want, you can ! I have worked extremely hard not to give up and believe me, I am happy to be able to say : mission accomplished !

The most difficult thing was to start, to take the first step. It does not matter if my goal is the most realistic in the world or the most grandiose, the important thing is to have one. Quite simply. Get in shape, fit in your wedding dress, wear a bikini for the summer, climb Machu Picchu or the Smurfs Hill ! Regardless of the objective, choosing it and writing it down proves to be extremely effective. Is it not said that words fly away and that writings remain ?

 The visualization of a clearly defined written project is a guarantee of success. Nowadays, starting a training program has never been so easy. The Internet is packed with training applications that are just as good as each other. For nature lovers, many cycling and hiking trails are easily accessible and offer great amenities. Not to mention the hundreds of fitness centers that offer several courses and member services, with affordable rates. So no more excuses. Go ! Healthy habits you will take, better life you will have.

Our body needs 21 days to assimilate a change and feel comfortable. It's still a short time compared to the number of years that life gives us as a gift, right ? Our body needs to be given only this small 21 days and in return, it offers us great benefits for the rest of our lives. Isn’t this a profitable offer that one cannot refuse ? I would advise starting slowly. Respect your rhythm is very important. This is not about winning the record for the number of hours spent at the gym. Rome was not built in a day. Make sure the foundations are solid. Surrounding yourself with professionals and motivated people is the key. We all start somewhere and sometimes, it is good to remember and to share our experiences. Tell yourself that the earth is round, just like the cycle of life : Sleeping, eating, working, having fun, training, and all that with a smile please ! And above all, give yourself this beautiful gift: a healthy and fit body !


Welcome to the wonderful world of lifestyle 360 ❤

Nathalie Toutant

Nathalie Toutant

By Nathalie Toutant, CrossFit coach, Lifestyle 360 ambassador and owner & stylist at N coiffure. Nath found her passion and study’s nutrition part-time.

Nath is passionate of life and everything that relates to a healthy lifestyle.

Her passion? The fulfillment of everyone!

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