Conférence sur l'alimentation en milieu scolaire

360 conferences

The 360 Conferences address healthy nutrition as well as the benefits of cold-pressed juices in one’s food. They are mainly aimed at the education community, the corporate sector and the cultural activities proposed by the municipalities. They are filled with a wealth of information, all presented in an interactive and playful way.

  • Presentation on food in general.

  • Ways to reduce and eliminate lifestyle-related illnesses.

  • Discover raw juices and cold-pressed smoothies.

  • Awareness and education.

  • Tips, recipes and advice.

  • Tasting of cold-pressed raw juices.

" My students were happy to taste the kale smoothies and surprised they liked it ! "

Martine Cyr,
physical education teacher
École secondaire Mont-de-LaSalle



Corporate, Sports and Fundraising Events

You’ve had enough of the traditional coffee and muffins at your corporate events ? You want to raise the energy and concentration levels of your participants in a healthy and delicious way ? The 360 Juice Bars are there for you !

For a training, a symposium, an annual meeting, a fundraising event, or any other corporate and sporting events, use our energizing 360 Juice Bars service.

The 360 Juice Bars is a whole team of experienced professionals who offer your participants delicious cold-pressed raw juices made on the spot. Our delicious juice recipes made of freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables allow us to fill up the energy, to increase focus and concentration for a better receptiveness and a greater dynamism. Replace or supplement the traditional coffee or energy drinks option at your events with our healthy and vitamin juices, with a fresh and delicious taste.

Our 360 Juice Bars service can also visit your office place to offer your employees the best ever coffee break: a freshly squeezed, completely natural juice.

 The 360 Juices offer 1.5 pound/0.7 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables per bottle !


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